Bus & coach travel in Ireland

Buses are the most convenient way to get around Ireland. The majority of buses in the Republic are operated by Bus Éireann, which has regular departures to most towns and cities. Buses in Northern Ireland are operated by Goldline and Ulsterbus.

Bus Éireann

Bus Éireann is the main coach operator in the Republic of Ireland. The Open Road Pass is a good value option if you’re planning on exploring Ireland by coach.

Open Road Pass

The Open Road Pass is a flexi pass that gives you unlimited travel on all scheduled Bus Éireann services including express, local, city and town buses. If you decide that you want extra travel days you can extend your pass by buying additional days once you have started travelling.

3 travel days in 6 days€57
4 travel days in 8 days€73
5 travel days in 10 days€89
6 travel days in 12 days€105
7 travel days in 14 days€121
8 travel days in 16 days€137
9 travel days in 18 days€153
10 travel days in 20 days€169
11 travel days in 22 days€185
12 travel days in 24 days€201
13 travel days in 26 days€217
14 travel days in 28 days€233
15 travel days in 30 days€249
Bus Éireann coach outside Connolly Station

Bus Éireann coach outside Connolly Station in Dublin