Bus and coach travel in Finland

Buses and coaches provide a good travel option in Finland with coaches providing a much more comprehensive coverage than the rail network.

Most long distance bus and coach travel in the southern half of the country can be booked through ExpressBus which is a consortium of 30 bus companies. ExpressBus operates 200 buses covering the entire country (south of Rovaniemi). Eskelisen Lapinlinjat operate bus services primarily in Lapland and is your best option for bus travel north of Rovaniemi, although they do have a national network with buses running as far south as Turku and Helsinki.

Eskelisen Lapin Linjat bus in Oulu, Finland

Tickets can be bought at bus stations, travel agents and on board the bus.

Eurolines and Flixbus do not have any international services to Finland; however local bus companies operate international services to cities in neighbouring countries including Stockholm in Sweden; Vyborg and St Petersburg in Russia and Tromsø in Norway.