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Bus and coach travel in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic is well served by both domestic and international coach services.

You can search Czech long-distance and international coach services here:

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Domestic bus and coach travel in the Czech Republic

Most domestic bus routes are operated by the state owned ČSAD Autobusy with competition from the privately operated Cebus and Český Národní Expres. As elsewhere in Europe, the privately run buses offer a better quality service although ČSAD buses go to even the smallest towns and villages.

Although the bus service in the Czech Republic is extremely comprehensive and faster than comparable train services, the infrastructure, timetables and ticketing is confusing with many travellers prefering to travel by train particularly if travelling to smaller towns.

German-based Flixbus operate an extensive network of domestic coach services connecting the larger towns and cities in the Czech Republic and their easy-to-use English-language website means that it is generally easier to travel with Flixbus compared with Czech bus companies. Flixbus operate domestic routes connecting the following cities:

  • Karlovy Vary–Prague
  • Pilsen–Prague
  • Český Krumlov–Prague
  • České Budějovice–Prague
  • Tábor–Prague
  • Liberec–Prague
  • Prague–Kolín–Olomouc
  • Prague–Brno
  • Brno–Olomouc

You can search Czech bus and coach services online at iDNES.cz.

International bus and coach travel to and from the Czech Republic

International bus services operated by Eurolines, Flixbus and a number of smaller companies connect Prague, Brno and Pilsen with other major cities with other European destinations. The Eurolines Pass allows you to travel to Brno and Prague.

International coach services operated by Flixbus include:

  • Brno to Katowice, Kraków, Lviv, Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Vienna
  • Karlovy Vary to Bamburg, Frankfurt and Würzburg
  • Liberec to Heidelberg, Mannheim, Łódź, Warsaw and Wrocław
  • Olomouc to Katowice, Košice, Kraków, Lviv and Vienna
  • Pilsen to Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt, Mainz, Munich, Regensburg, Wiesbaden and Würzburg
  • Prague to Aachen, Amsterdam, Arnhem, Bamburg, Bonn, Bremen, Brussels, Dortmund, Düsseldorf, Eindhoven, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Heidelberg, Katowice, Kraków, Košice, Lille, Linz, London, Łódź, Mainz, Milan, Munich, Osnabrück, Paris, Regensburg, Rostock, Stuttgart, Vienna, Warsaw, Weisbaden, Wrocław and Zurich.

Busabout stops at Český Krumlov, Olomouc and Prague.

Prague coach station

Most bus services from Prague (both domestic and international) depart from Florenc station (metro Florenc) except Eurolines coaches which depart from Zelivského metro station.